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My daughter freaked out when we got our tail wags helmet cover!! She was so excited, and it was a purple unicorn, her favorite color. Since then, not once have we had to bug her to wear her helmet....she has even worn it around the house a few times!! :)
To a kid, it's fun and cute, to an adult, it's a great safety product. How many times have you fought with your own kids about wearing their helmets, or seen other parents having to do it. Or seen kids riding around on their bikes without helmets, because it's just not cool. These are an easy way to get rid of that attitude. Check out http://www.tail-wags.com/index.html and see for yourself. There are lots of cute little animals and creatures for the younger crowd, but also some camouflage ones for teens, and preteens!! There is even one with the Canadian flag and maple leaves!!
I heard a frightening statistic the other day, for every 1$ spent on a helmet, 29$ is saved in healthcare. It's awesome to buy a great, safe helmet for your kids, but if you find yourself fighting over wearing it, it's worth investing in one of these for safety's sake. Another great thing is that you can use this year round, for all kinds of helmets, and it helps to keep track of which kid is yours at a crowded arena, or on the ski hill!! These are really well made, and well thought out too, there is even a slit at the back for goggle clips. These are made right here in Canada (yay!!) and have met all safety standards. I am so glad to have found this company!! Anything to help keep my daughter safe makes me very, very happy!!!