cavena nuda

Have you guys tried Cavena Nuda yet? The name is a little weird, but it means Canadian Naked Oats. This stuff is amazing!! Cooks up sort of like rice, and tastes great!! It's amazingly good for you, and made right here in Manitoba!! Wedge Farms, who makes it, is located in Arborg! Perfect for anyone doing a 100 mile diet, or like me, who likes to eat local!! It's good for you, and good for the environment too!!
I thought you could only cook it like rice, but I checked out the site, and there are some pretty cool recipes!! There is a salad, or you can grind it into flour, my favourite was popping it!! Heat up some butter, throw some in, and listen to it pop! The smell was a lot like popcorn!! We ate it hot, with salt and pepper, and it was great. I put the leftovers in a sealed container, and we have been using it as a salad topper. It's super tasty, and adds a great crunch to salads!! I am looking forward to trying it out in the slow cooker too, maybe make a jambalaya, or a hearty soup!
The health benefits are amazing too, it has high beta glucan levels, which helps to lower cholesterol naturally, low glycemic index for diabetics, low gluten levels and it's super high in protein, fibre and iron!!
A must have for a health conscious family, and so happy it's local!! It's available at Sobey's, Vita Health and tons of other locations!! Check out their site for the whole list