I was watching Great Tastes of Manitoba - they had a great fact on there, you can freeze canola oil!! You can replace lard etc. in recipes with it so that your recipes are transfat free! Pretty neat, I had never heard of doing this. They said to freeze is about 2 hours so that it gets gummy and gelatinous, if it freezes hard you can also just cut it like lard. I know people are always looking for substitutions, thought this was a great one to pass along.
Their site is http://www.foodmanitoba.ca/default.aspx and it's a great resource for all kinds of recipes, local foods etc. They even have weekly contests.
And if you're looking for local food (can you tell I'm looking forward to summer) check out http://www.gov.mb.ca/agriculture/food/upick/farm_mkt_web.pdf for all kinds of great lists!!

Does anyone else know of any good food substitutes like this? I love the canola suggestion, I usually use butter instead of lard so will be trying this out for sure!