My daughter got to try out the super cute Meowsic from B. Toys. Not only does it look fun, it keeps her entertained and helps her musical creativity really shine! The part I like the best is the microphone, it's retractable so I don't have to be constantly looking for it. It has 5 instrument and 5 rhythm sounds, 20 familiar songs, 7 witty kitty songs, and it even comes with a lyric sheet. My daughter loves it, she plays a lot of meow meow songs - the microphone is too funny, it amplifies but not too loud. It also has an auto-shut off which is great! She's been playing with it a lot and for quite a while and we haven't had to replace the batteries.
B. Toys has a neat selection of toys - my daughter actually had a few other sets of theirs when she was smaller. They are really well made, the piano has been dropped numerous times and no problems at all! They have toys for a lot of age groups, and a lot of them are things you can grow into also.
Another neat thing about them is that they've started packaging some of their toys in a reversible box that then becomes wrapping paper - love that!!
Check out their big selection of toys at I love that you can look for creative toys, lively, caring etc. Something there for every kid. I have my eye on the Take It Easel - love that everything gets stored inside. Their toys are all kid favourites - but with details that moms will love!! :)