We headed out to the Children's Museum today since it was raining - first time since the renovations.
The good stuff:
-Even though it was busy it wasn't too crowded
-Lots of brand new exhibits
-Fun for all ages
-Special enclosed area for 2 and under
-Play structure was pretty neat
-More seating areas now for adults

The bad:
-It was really dusty/dirty...under the train there was a dust bunny, the size of a real bunny!! In every corner there were dust bunnies...on top of the macaroni play structure it was covered in dust and debris from construction.
-The water area had no special flooring, kids were slipping all over the place. There wasn't even a sign to be careful....They could have gotten special mats or some sort of grate
-During 2 hours there never saw any employees cleaning up at all...at one point there were 5 employees chatting at the front desk. There were juice box wrappers on the floors, brochures, it needs a good clean up!
-The craft area had only old envelopes left when we got to it...doesn't seem like they refill the bins during the day.
-The slide goes right onto the floor..no mats to catch younger ones, and to help the pileups.

Another point is that it's 10$ per person...I hate that! I'd rather have a higher price for kids - my husband and I didn't use anything, we didn't use craft supplies etc....and for a 1 yr old 10$ is a lot. And I think they should have rules like if you're a group of 16 year olds and have no kids with you you can't come in - like Chuck E Cheese used to have.
I'm not super picky about cleanliness - but to not even have cleaned up after construction? At first my husband thought it wasn't a big deal, until he started to notice it in every new area we went to.
All in all it was fun, my daughter had a blast. For sure the next time we'd go just 1 adult, not worth paying for both parents, none of the activities are really for families. Or ideally, it will be somewhere grandma takes her!! :)
What did everyone else think?